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23Sep 2016

World Hosting Day Singapore

World Hosting Day Singapore

Singapore is the dynamic city-state in the heart of South-East Asia built upon business, commerce, and technology. Imagine the business energy of Hong Kong, the innovation of Seattle, and the dynamic cultural crossroads of New York planted in the thriving heart of one of Asia’s fastest-growing markets and you begin to understand this modern, urban marvel. It’s no wonder that WHD returns to this amazing city for a 4th consecutive year.


Image Author

Alen M James

Alen is a event producer at stream1, where he drives alignment of solutions and event management with customer needs. He has over 10 years of experience in event management, event social marketing, and live streaming in industries ranging from education to healthcare. Alen is also a co-founder at spicecareers, a job-planning network that makes it easy for company to find and hire their dream team.

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